Traveling to Baliuag Bulacan Province Philippines – Things to do


The town of Baliuag is 40 kms away from Metro Manila located in Bulacan Province part of Central Luzon. The town of Baliuag (sometimes spelled as Baliwag) is now a developing municipality to be considered as city soon. In fact, there is SM Baliuag mall in this humble town. Bulacan is known for history as the land of heroes because majority of Philippine heroes originated from this province. If you happen to come here, I will share to you my experience as someone who moved here from the city. I first visited Baliuag Bulacan in 2016. Not really a touristy place but I am writing this blog in case you will visit Baliuag at least you have an idea on what to expect. The town is just simple and kind of laid back.


BALIWAG TRANSIT and GOLDEN BEE bus companies are servicing regularly to Bulacan and Nueva Ecija routes. Their bus terminals are located in Cubao, Pasay and Caloocan. They usually operate from 5:00 AM-9:00 PM. They have a Facebook page that you can follow for updated schedules.


If you want to take chances, there is  another bus company that also goes to Baliuag  called FIVE STAR BUS with terminals in Pasay and Cubao if you’re not able to catch schedule with BALIWAG TRANSIT AND GOLDEN BEE. 


Getting to the bus terminal (coming from Metro Manila going to Baliuag route):

Going to Cubao Terminal – Take LRT2 or MRT3 line and alight in Araneta-Cubao station or Take city busses A/B/C drop off at Farmer’s market in Cubao then walk 1.2  kilometers outside along EDSA road. You can find the BALIWAG TRANSIT Terminal usually in green color. Travel time from Cubao to Baliuag is 2-3 hours depending on the traffic.

Going to Caloocan Terminal- Take LRT 1 and get off at R. Papa station then ride jeepney tell driver to drop you off in Baliwag Transit Terminal located at 2nd avenue in Gracepark then across the pedestrian you’ll reach the entrance gate of Baliwag terminal.  Travel time is 2 hours from Gracepark, Caloocan to Baliuag, Bulacan.

Going to Pasay Terminal – You will not find Baliwag Transit terminal in Pasay. However, in my experience, I was able to get on a Five Star bus in Pasay that can take me to Baliuag highway when I arrived at NAIA airport. Travel time is approximately 5 hours passing through EDSA. You can take chances if you are coming from NAIA airport and South areas of Luzon like Cavite or Batangas BUT the frequency and intervals of busses are not reliable unlike the two main terminals above.


The most recommended terminal for me is Caloocan terminal. It is less crowded and more convenient to reach by jeep. Passed the security and temperature scan check while showing you COVID-19 vaccination card. 


If you travel late at night or on holidays and there are no busses available, there could be a ride-sharing shuttle van just outside the Cubao terminal that will charge you Php 85.00 per person. You just have to be patient in waiting and be vigilant of your surroundings because Cubao area can be a sketchy place and this kind of transportation could be dangerous so I don’t really recommend traveling beyond the last bus trip. However, I am not sure if these shuttle vans are still operating this pandemic.



Old bus fare in 2019 is Php 81.00 per person/one-way from Cubao/Caloocan to Baliuag. It’s a typical airconditioned bus with television (no toilet/USB port).

COVID-19 YEAR 2022 UPDATE: The regular fare per adult from Caloocan to Baliuag becomes P97.00 per one way and possible to increase due to rising fuel cost.

Bus fare as of November 2022, it is now P106.00 PER ADULT and P85.00 PER STUDENT/PWD/SENIOR


P85 fare for student/PWD/senior citizen, required to present valid ID
P106 fare per adult


Usually there are vendors selling various snacks and drinks at the terminal. Online booking of the bus seats is not available. You can just walk-in at the terminal, get your seat in the bus then wait for the conductor to give you the tickets collect the fares. Cash is only accepted as payment.







Getting around: Ideally you have to ride in a single motorcycle or bicycle to be able to go around Baliuag, Bulacan as taxis and public jeepneys do not have route within Baliuag. But there is a jeepney service if you go outside Baliuag to other Bulacan provinces like Pulilan, Plaridel, San Rafael, Malolos, Meycauayan.

If you do not own a private vehicle, you will have to hire a tricycle and pay Php 25.00-50.00 each ride within Baliuag area depends on distance (as of 2019 fare). The tricycle can carry up to three-four passengers.


COVID-19 YEAR 2022 UPDATE: The tricycle fare becomes Php 40.00-Php 100.00 within Baliuag area. Unfortunately as of this time, there is no other public transportation option aside from the tricycle that goes within the town of  Baliuag.


1.) The Baliuag Clock Tower

Most iconic landmark in Baliuag is the clock tower in front of the St. Augustine church located in town center, Brgy. Poblacion, Baliuag. It is surrounded by banks, parks and commercial establishments. It is also close to the market. You can see crowd passing by here on weekends.

2.) St. Augustine Church

This old church was built in year 1790 made of bricks and adobe stones. Since it is established by Augustinians a group under St. Augustine, it usually celebrates the feast during the month of August every year. During lent season specifically on a Good Friday, the church organizes the largest procession in the country having more than 100 religious floats as attraction and tradition.


Photo of St. Augustine Church

3.) Street foods and shopping in Poblacion night market

The Poblacion night market food stalls usually open at 3PM in the afternoon up to 9PM in the evening, daily. Locals love to come here everyday. Various kinds of Filipino street foods such as kwek-kwek can be found and some Japanese-Korean food such as corndog on sticks and takoyaki in here. Prices ranging from P7 per bamboo stick for chicken proben or proventriculus (chicken stomach) but Baliuag locals commonly call it as chichao instead of proben, P30 for 4 pieces of takoyaki, refreshing buko juice for P20 per cup and other exotic food choices. Aside from street foods, you can also find different goods in the market such as garments or clothing, bargain shoes, fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as dry and frozen products.


















4.) Visit the Baliuag Museum and Library ( under renovation ) and Mariano Ponce Museum

Nearby Poblacion night market is the Baliuag museum and library (previously Old Municipal Town Hall during American colonization). It’s an old mansion built in year 1915. Since Baliuag Museum and Library is currently closed, check out Mariano Ponce Museum just few meters walk from it.


Mariano Ponce statue at the town center.
One of the Filipino heroes that fought for freedom. In Spain, he was among the founders of La Solidaridad and Asociación Hispano-Filipino.

Mariano Ponce museum



5.) Relax and attend events at the Glorietta Park

You can call Baliwag Food Park in Poblacion. Glorietta Park in the town center has a police station so it’s relatively safe to walk around. Events are also held here. During BER months (September-December) food tents for kakanin (Filipino sweets) such as Puto Bumbong and Bibingka are available beside the St. Augustine church.


6.) Night life in Baliuag

Head to Baliuag highway and there are KTV bars and restaurants that are opened at night. For KTV rooms, it is highly suggested that you make the reservations first before coming. Our favorite is to eat the unlimited Korean bbq and spend time with family and friends.







7.) See Baliwag Municipal Hall especially on Christmas Season









Baliuag is becoming a city soon from being a municipality. Here in Baliwag Municipal Hall you can transact Government matters in one place from paying taxes, asking help from Public Attorneys Office (PAO) or Social Work (MSWDO), COMELEC, Philhealth, Red Cross and Health Center. Baliwag Municipal Hall turns into attraction during Christmas Season especially at night when you pass by. The lanterns are lighted up in the evening. At daylight, you can sit on the benches under the ancient trees around property. Across the Baliwag Municipal Hall, you can buy your pasalubong/souvenir at Bikoy’s delicious chicharron or pork rinds / crackling. Bulacan is the chicharron capital of the Philippines.


8.) Bird watching at Candaba Bird Sanctuary and biking

In early morning during sunrise you can jog or bike around Candaba-Baliuag road. Candaba is the boundary between Baliuag and Pampanga. There is a bird sanctuary here in the rice fields where variety of migratory birds come on a particular season. You might not able to see them every time. It’s good if you have a telescope and a long-range camera lens to capture these wonderful birds. It’s one of the best attraction in Baliuag.

9.) Try Filipino Lugaw Tokwa Baboy at San Rafael

After bird watching and biking at Candaba area, take a Filipino local breakfast here at Edison’s LTB (Lugaw, Tokwa, Baboy) at San Rafael, a municipality close to Baliuag.

10.) Visit Historical Heritage Park at Bustos

Another municipality close to Baliuag is Bustos. Bustos park is a recreational place where you can relax under the trees, a playground for kids, and a mini zoo. Not only that, if you love Philippine history, this is a great place to see historical sculptures.


LENT SEASON EVERY MARCH OR APRIL – Attend the longest parade of the Saints in Carrozas over 100+ life-size display of floats on a Good Friday event (Holy Week Procession)



CHRISTMAS SEASON – Start from the month of September until December native stalls become open at the Baliuag park beside St. Augustine church. A must try Filipino pastries like Puto Bumbong and Bibingka with free Salabat or ginger tea. We, Filipinos celebrate Christmas as early as September. It’s always my favorite place to eat and chill during Christmas season. Puto Bumbong and Bibingka price range: Php 30.00 per serving.


In summary, Baliuag is a very peaceful, clean and safe town with so much history. I hope I’m able to help you have the information by sharing this travel guide about Baliuag, Bulacan. Please feel free to share my blog.




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