Wise investment for millennials and Gen Z in the Philippines

Wise Investment for Millennials Twenty to thirties in the Philippines

Disclaimer: This post may contain an advertisement. This post may also contain unsolicited advice. If you have any doubts as to the merits of an investment, please do your responsibility and seek advice from a legitimate financial advisor and official sources.

You’re in your 20’s or 30’s and let’s say you have been working for all these years. You have a high-risk tolerance when it comes to investing. You‘ve finally decided to save money. However, saving money will not make it grow. Of course, we are preparing for the future and we want to be financially comfortable as possible, right? You’re confused how to start and where to entrust your hard-earned money to. This is the time to make the right decision about your money.

Meanwhile, you’re probably wondering about the hype on Dogecoin based on the memes and posts in Facebook news feeds or you’re curious who is this Elon Musk? Elon Musk is the owner of Tesla and one of the billionaires in the world. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is called digital coins or currencies. Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and among others are digital currencies. Investing in cryptocurrency, particularly in Dogecoin went viral because Elon Musk tweeted about his support for it, and many people went motivated to invest in it. Why? It’s because Elon Musk is a very wealthy man and successful to trust his words. But in reality, Dogecoin has a low value compared to Bitcoin.



1.) You can easily learn how to trade. You can watch Youtube tutorials.

2.) You can sell on your own and earn profit. Once you learn about it, you can just make transactions through trading or following an index trend.

3.) High returns. Technology is in high demand and a lot of people invest to cryptocurrencies.

4.) You can monitor it with your own hands. You can download a cryptocurrency app or platform in your phone. Getting a broker is optional.


1.) Not regulated by law. Not totally legal in most countries. If something happens to your investment, you cannot go after them because you are not protected by the government.

2.) Highly volatile investment meaning high risk in investing. Prices can drop quickly where you can lose money fast.

3.) Cryptocurrencies cannot be used as payment for online purchases and other goods.

4.) Not secured if ever your account or digital wallet get hacked by fraud and you will never be able to retrieve it

5.) Scammers nowadays are using cryptocurrency investment as easy to get rich scheme to collect money from hardworking Filipinos. A new form of networking scam.

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On the other hand, you’re probably watching the TV news at night about people getting sick with COVID-19, dying from any illnesses, getting into an accident, or how LIFE IS SHORT to make these smart choices. These negative events are taking a toll on one’s mental stability. Every time you hear these sad stories of poverty and illnesses it triggers your anxiety more especially if you haven’t saved enough money yet for unexpected situations. Is getting insured first makes one life’s better? It is definitely a smart move and should be your first wise investment. Getting insured makes you invest in yourself first since you are the one making the income. Having insurance protects your income.



1.) Death benefits are received by your beneficiary when you die. Even if you only paid the initial premium, you are already covered with insurance protection.

2.) If you have a huge debt or loan, you can put your creditors name as beneficiary.

3.) Life insurance are also mutual funds with potential returns in the long term. Funds are managed by experts. Account value can grow and can be withdrawn.

4.) Insurance is regulated by Philippine Law under Insurance Commission as well as the Financial Advisor or agent you are dealing with. They are licensed.

5.) You can get additional benefits for critical illness, hospitalization and accidents, educational planning for the child from insurance

6.) It’s a forced savings account you can use for emergencies


1.) Increasing premium price as your age also increases

2.) Not everyone can get insurance. In most cases, only those who are healthy are approved with no medical conditions.

3.) Insurance can cover you for a 100 years. Some can only cover you for limited years, up to 50, 60, 80 years depending on the plan you avail. 100 years is the maximum you can be protected.

4.) Mandatory premium payments to keep your policy active

If you can save around 20-30% income each month from your income but have never started anything. I am telling you DO NOT let all your money stay in your bank account because inflation will totally eat the value of your money. Instead, start investing if you have not started. So the multi-million dollar question is: What is the wise investment for 20 – 30 years old where you can be wealthy? There are many investments out there such as investing in Gold, Silver, and Paper Assets like Stock certificates and Securities, Insurance with Mutual Funds component (VUL), Real Estate, Digital currencies (Crypto), Foreign currencies, and Businesses. They can grow your money but all of them do not have a guarantee.

CRYPTOCURRENCIES are one of the HIGH-RISK investments you can make in your 20s-30s. High risk means a high return on investments through its profits. Before you go into Cryptocurrencies, make sure that you RESEARCH them very well and that you must already consider the possibility of losing all your investment capital in case the Crypto market is down. I would be honest that this blog post is not suggesting you invest in Cryptocurrencies.

After careful consideration, it is wiser to get insured and have an emergency fund first before getting into any investments. With VUL insurance (mutual funds), your money gets a higher return as compared to the bank. And if you are a breadwinner or income provider of the family, having insurance can give you peace of mind. Remember that in investments, the higher the risk, the higher the returns. You just pick your preferred risk. When you, yourself is at risk if you do not get insured as early as now. To know more about getting insured, kindly contact a trusted Financial Advisor at WhatsApp (+63) 976 053 9802 – Philippine-based for a free consultation on health insurance, investing, and retirement planning.

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