Metro Manila as the Capital

Check out what to expect coming to Metro Manila in the Philippines. Metro Manila located in Luzon.

Beach Placid
Cebu as tourist destination

Check out the second largest city in the Philippines and explore the powdery white sand of Bantayan Island in North Cebu. Cebu located in Visayas.

Palawan as paradise and UNESCO heritage

Escape the noise of the city and head to the island of Palawan where adventures await.

Davao full of culture and a hidden gem

Located in Mindanao. Davao is a wonderful and peaceful destination in the South Philippines.

Baguio as summer capital

Cold place and warm people where so much heritage can be appreciated from Philippine ancestors.

Bohol wonders and best beaches

Hop in to Bohol for another adventures and beautiful beaches.

Lake Secu
South Cotabato majestic lake

largest lake

Cozy Tagaytay Batangas

A 2-hour travel from the capital Metro Manila. One of the favorite "chill" spot and weekend getaway from busy life in the Metro. Amazing bulalo and sight-seeing of the Taal Volcano's beauty. Take me to Tagaytay.